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The AQUAZERO slabs must be installed horizontally, transversally to the pillars and to the offset extremity joints. To fix the slabs, use special screws resistant to corrosion (with treatment for resistance to saline mist).

To screw the slabs in place, start from the centre and proceed towards the edges. The screws must be positioned every 200 mm. The slabs must be installed in such a manner that the lateral edges (not the extremity edges, whose sides must touch each other) are 3-4 mm away from each other. During installation, the slabs can be cut and moulded using a cutter. Cut the slab starting with the fibreglass reinforcement net, then snap the slab and cut the reinforcement net on the opposite side. To obtain cutting surfaces more accurate and clean, it is advisable to use electric tools such as circular saws or other types of saw.