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The AQUAZERO system can be used in the construction of new buildings or in the restructuring of existing ones, in the following cases:


Walls and false ceilings indoors and outdoors in public buildings, residential buildings, industrial plants, commercial buildings, seaside buildings etc..


Partitions, false walls and false ceilings in areas with high humidity levels, such as swimming-pools, spas etc.


Thanks to their sturdiness, they can be used inside households in all applications and in all rooms: walls, ceilings, dry floors etc.


Lining of tunnels, pilot schemes, fences, balconies.


Width 1200 mm
Length 2000/2400 mm
Thickness 12,5 ± 0,5 mm
Weight 14,2 kg/m2 ca
Fire behaviour classification EN 13501- A1 / A
Bulk density UNI EN 12467 1138 kg/m3
Heat conductivity UNI EN ISO 8990 0,174W/mK
Verification of the presence of asbestos fibres UNI EN 12467 Not present
Average bending on dry tests UNI EN 12467 8,8 N/mm2
Average bending on wet tests UNI EN 12467 8,3 N/mm2
Average bending after wet-dry cycles duration 50 cycles UNI EN 12467 5,2 N/mm2
Average bending after immersion in hot water duration of the test: 56 days UNI EN 12467 5,2 N/mm2
Resistance to sun-rain cycles duration 25 cycles superficial UNI EN 12467 No alterations
Impermeability UNI EN 12467 Not impermeable