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Buildings constructed with the AQUAZERO system can be effectively sustainable throughout the useful life of the building:

  • During the design phase, the AQUAZERO dry system ensures better heat and acoustic insulation, lighter, thinner components, resulting in more indoor space and, as a consequence, in a better valued building.


  • During the construction phase, AQUAZERO ensures shorter installation times for the outer casing, internal partitions, installations and linings; it results in an extremely clean construction site, in shorter setting times, in reduced water and power consumption when compared with traditional techniques. The use of modular, light materials reduces the costs related to their handling and storage. The result is less exploitation of natural resources and less pollution.
  • During use, the building can count on a constant and effective saving of energy. All restructuring works, such as expansions, elevations, remaking of parts of façade, redistribution of internal space, modernisation and maintenance of installations, become easier and quicker.
  • At the end of the useful life of the building, dismantling all parts is quick and easy thanks to their modularity and lightness and to the integrated system. Almost all elements can be recycled, resulting in less volume occupied by debris.