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The most recent and very strict regulations regarding heat and acoustic insulation for buildings make it crucial for designers and companies to achieve an integrated project that takes into consideration all the fundamental requisites that a building must meet.
With the construction components designed and produced with the dry system of the AQUAZERO slabs, it is possible to build partitions with very high heat and acoustic insulation levels,

Thanks to its modular nature, AQUAZERO makes it possible to rapidly build external and internal walls that are both light and sturdy and that require less time to install. In addition, partitions made with AQUAZERO are much thinner than traditional ones, resulting in a more efficient, better use of space inside buildings, consequently allowing for more flexibility in terms of project and improving the value of the building itself.

As partitions made with AQUAZERO slabs are easily serviceable, installing any plumbing, electric, domotics, heating, air conditioning system is easy and quick.
At any given moment, during construction or restructuring, it is therefore possible to create or update installations without the need to break or demolish walls, operations that increase the amount of time and money necessary to conclude the works and cause a significant amount of discomfort.

The flexibility and lightness of the AQUAZERO slabs provide a freedom of ideas, shapes and movement of the construction elements and offers more possibilities in the creation of spaces perfectly adapted to man, indoors and outdoors, giving designers the chance to exercise their creativity.

The AQUAZERO systems are extremely sturdy, durable and resistant to atmospheric agents and to several chemicals.

The material must be stored near the construction site, so that the AQUAZERO slabs are given enough time to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the environment.

During the plastering and levelling of the AQUAZERO slabs and for the next 24 hours, the ambient temperature must not get below 5° C and must not exceed 40° C.

Buildings constructed with the AQUAZERO system can be effectively sustainable throughout the useful life of the building:

  • During the design phase, the AQUAZERO dry system ensures better heat and acoustic insulation, lighter, thinner components, resulting in more indoor space and, as a consequence, in a better valued building.

The use of the AQUAZERO dry system allows for a reduction of partitions of about 70% without renouncing to heat and acoustic insulation, fire protection, sturdiness and durability performances. During restructuring works, elevations, expansions, façade refurbishing, ledges, parapets, screeds and partitions can be built without the need for structural consolidation interventions.

AQUAZERO is supplied on wooden pallets in two standard sizes: 1,200 x 2,000 mm, in 96 m2 packages and weighing about 1,320 kg, and 1,200 x 2,400 mm, in 86.4 m2 packages and weighing about 1,188 kg. The pallets are sealed with straps and corner protections, and protected by a cover when necessary.

Pallets must be loaded and unloaded using the most suitable means, such as forklift trucks and cranes, very carefully so as not to damage the edges and corners of the slabs.