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Any type of thermal coating can be applied on AQUAZERO slabs (polystyrene, rock wool, glass wool etc). In this case, only the joints on the AQUAZERO slabs must be treated, but they do not require levelling, as this operation must be carried out on the insulating material, following the instructions of its manufacturer.

To level the wall, use AQUAZERO FINISH, about 5 mm thick, in which the alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforcement net AQUAZERO FIBER TAPE must be immersed. The tape weighs 160 g/m2 and must be surmounted by 100 mm on the junctions.

To plaster the joints, use AQUAZERO FINISH, making sure the stucco penetrates the 3-4 mm space created in the lateral junctions of the slabs and applying a layer about 3 mm thick, in which the AQUAZERO FIBER TAPE 5 mm reinforcement net must be immersed. The tape is resistant to alkalis, is 250 mm high and weighs 160 g/m2.

The net must not overlap the crossings of the slabs.

Prior to levelling the surfaces, wait until the stucco is completely dry.

The AQUAZERO slabs must be installed horizontally, transversally to the pillars and to the offset extremity joints. To fix the slabs, use special screws resistant to corrosion (with treatment for resistance to saline mist).

AQUAZERO slabs are resistant to water and to several atmospheric and chemical agents, but they are not impermeable. Before installing the AQUAZERO slabs, the outer walls must be treated with a waterproof breathable fabric, AQUAZERO BARRIER, to make sure the wall will be impermeable and to protect the insulating materials it contains, as well as the relative metal framework.

In large outdoor works using AQUAZERO slabs, it is necessary to leave an expansion joint every 7 metres of width of length, to allow for the absorption of structure movements. Expansion joints must also be provided in the following cases: in correspondence with the expansion joints of the building; in correspondence with the space between the floors of the building; whenever different materials are used in the structure of the building. An expansion joint is simply an interruption in the continuity of the metal framework, of AQUAZERO slabs and of their lining.

AQUAZERO slabs may be installed using wooden or metal support framework. Metal profiles must be highly resistant to corrosion. Guides and pillars can be 0.6 to 1.0 mm thick; the distance between pillars may vary from 400 to 600 mm. The metal framework must be dimensioned (thickness and distance between beams) according to the static requirements of the construction site (such as height and loads) and to wind force.